Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Countdown: My Favorite Couplings #5

5.  Renly Baratheon & Ser Loras Tyrell
 Forbidden love is off-the-charts on the sexy scale, and Renly Baratheon & Loras Tyrell are my favorite forbidden lovers of Game of Thrones characters.  They have all the attractiveness and drama of Jamie and Cersei, without any of the gross incest.

Okay, things might get a little 'cesty.  Renly is married to Loras' sister.  BUT THEY'RE NOT BLOOD RELATED, SO IT'S OKAY!

Also, both the books and the TV show manage to show a same-sex relationship that is just as honest and fraught as the hetero relationships around it.  There's no stereotypical using-gays-for-comic-relief etc.  Well, okay, maybe that shaving scene.  BUT THAT'S NOT IN THE BOOKS, SO IT'S OKAY!!!

My only complaint?  TV Loras is not as hot as Loras in my imagination.  It's okay, I'll focus on Renly.

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