Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cosplay Envy: Alexia Jean Grey

I'm not going to write much about the beautiful Alexia Jean Grey.  One look at these pictures and you'll understand my increasing jealousy!

Lady Deadpool
Poison Ivy
Red Sonja

Venom: Best Use of Body Pain
Mary Jane: Hotter than Kirsten Dunst/Second Best Use of Body Paint
Batgirl.  Duh.  It's on the picture.
Black Widow
My girl, Dark Phoenix
I can only dream that one day I will cosplay with as much perfection.  GIT IT, GIRL!

[Alexia Jean Grey via Geeks Are Sexy]

Want of the Week: Rebel Alliance iPhone Case

Okay, guys, seriously for real, I need a new iPhone case.

I've been eying several different ones, but then Geeky Merch brought this beauty by Etsy seller Absolutely Untimed to my attention:

There's plenty more designs to choose from, including Assassins Creed, Chicago Bulls (GIT IT, CHI-TOWN), and Green Lantern.

In brightest day, in blackest night,
No dumb meme shall escape my sight.
Never shall I sleep at night
For I am browsing by iPhone's light.


[Absolutely Untimed via Geeky Merch]

Like Winter, Photos Are Coming


C2E2 was this weekend.

This was the first year since C2E2 began that I've been able to go.  Usually, I have All the Performances that weekend, so can't spend 3 days walking around on barely-disguised concrete floors and still be alive enough to act.  Or even act like I'm acting.

Now that my body is nearly recovered from con fever, I've got about 3 years worth of material to post about.  But alas, today is a day for a few short posts and that is all.


I won't leave you so unsatisfied*!

For now, content yourselves with this picture of Everypony, including me as
Pinkie Pie the Party Pony.

*One of my favorite parts of any play script ever comes from The Complete Works of Shakespeare (Abridged).  In the Romeo & Juliet balcony scene, Juliet says, "O wilt thou leave me so unsatisfied?"  To which there is a footnote saying something along the lines of: "In the original publication, this was written, 'O Wilt, thou leave me so unsatisfied,' referring to basketball great Wilt Chamberlain."

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hammer Time!


Though can we all agree that Jane Foster sucks?

It's like, ugh, Thor.  Just get a girlfriend who isn't fucking boring.  A.K.A. me.

[Marvel UK via Geeks Are Sexy]

Monday, April 22, 2013

Delta Zod!

I was gonna write about something else, but then I saw this under the title:
General Zod Is A Sorority Girl.

So, you know, I sorta had to click on it.

NSFW language/feelings.

I think Deranged Sorority Girl stole my voice as a writer.  Can you even do that?

Also, Michael Shannon is my homeboy!  Let's hear it for Chicago actors, bitches!!

[via The Mary Sue]

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Want of the Week: Everything from Janine Basil

Etsy is a treasure trove for anyone with offbeat sensibilities.

The further you move along the spectrum from Offbeat to Total F***ing Nerd, the more swag you can find.

Take, for example, Janine Basil's accessories.

For scientists...
...and for their monstrous creations!!

For the aspiring hero.

Best Abdominal Tattoo:  THUG 8-BIT LIFE.

There's also a whole category called Shiny Stuff.

You had me at SHINY.

[JanineBasil via Geeky Merch]

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Other People's Thoughts on Cosplay (And Some of My Very Own)

I'm feeling laaaaaaaaazy this morning, so I'm just going to give you a lot of pictures.

We've all been reading lots about the Cosplay =/= Consent campaign, non?

OMG.  Dat Leeloo.

In case the rock you've been living under doesn't have wifi, the jist is:
As many of our readers may know, there has been escalating tension within the convention going community regarding the physical and emotional safety of cosplayers. Last week, cosplayer Meagan Marie spoke out against the people within the gaming industry who treat female cosplayers as pieces of meat, only there for the enjoyment of men. This, and the continued discussion within my circle of cosplay friends has pushed my plans forward, and I now present to you the beginnings of my photo essay, inspired by #IneedFeminismBecause; “CONsent: The Importance of Treating Cosplayers with Respect.
[via 16 Bit Sirens]

Now, don't get me wrong.  I love attention! Someone asking to take my picture?  So flattering!  Someone telling me I look good, pretty, even sexy??  Yes, please!  But vulgar words and gestures?  NOPE.  Surreptitiously taking upskirt shots?  You do realize that's harrassment, right?

Don't even get me started on touching.  What would your mother say?

[Karine Makes Comics and Stuff via Geeks Are Sexy]

Monday, April 15, 2013


Are we all watching Arrow?

Really, you should be watching Arrow.

Everyone everywhere is talking about what a good show it is.  Not just a good superhero show, a good show show.  Like, a show that normal people watch (instead of people like you)(NERDS!).

Here are three reasons that you should watch Arrow.  [At least, these are my three reasons that I watch, and, as we all know, it's SO ALL ABOUT ME all the time.]

1. The oh-so-delightfully CW dialogue.  Watch an episode.  Count how many times a scene begins: "Hey." ".....hey."  SO GOOD, RIGHT!?  It reminds me of my youth*.  You know, those many nights spent crying while watching Dawson's Creek, and your best friend is also crying at watching Dawson's, and you're also on the phone with each other so you can feel like you're crying watching together.  You know those.  Arrow is like those.  The boy-girl drama is everything you wish your boy-girl drama could be: perfect hair and makeup,  delicious sexual tension, mediocre acting***.  All that, plus ACTION SEQUENCES!!!!

2. Felicity Smoak.  Played by Emily Bett-Rickards, Felicity Smoak appears to be a dorky IT girl for Queen Industries, but she actually has totally badass hacking skillz!  And it's not just me, either.  Everyone is crazy about her.  Over on io9, Cecil Castellucci has an amazing "Ode to Felicity Smoak":
"It is refreshing that the initial dynamic between Felicity and Oliver is a bit of a role reversal. He notices only her brain. She is the one who notices and comments on how sexy Oliver is. She is our in-show male gazer...Sure, Oliver needs Felicity as the brains of his operation, but she is also the heart. The conscience. She's the one who tells him that he needs to become more than what he is. She's the one who verbalizes the moral dilemma that he's in as a masked vigilante. And through this, it's as though Oliver is now growing a heart."
Most importantly, she's SUPER PRETTY!

3.  Speaking of pretty, two words: Stephen. Amell.
Those abs!  Dat face!  That love for justice!!  YES, PLEASE.

*my actual youth, not the neverending party** that is my adult life
**I'm hereby copywriting The Neverending Party as my next comedy sketch.  YouTube stardom, here I come!
***Okay, fine, it's not mediocre.  I'm just totes jealous that I'm not acting on the CW.  Yet.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cancel My Subscription to Cosmo...

I love magazines.

Does that surprise anyone?  ...no?  No one??

Whatevs, guys.

Now, most of the magazines I read have to do with fashion.  Duh.  But the problem has always been that I want a little bit of heroics to go with my beautifying tips & tricks.

Well, Stanley Lau has provided me with everything I could ever want.

"Metropolis' Bestselling Supermag" gives us a cover special:  JUSTICE GLAMOUR!!!

I love glamour.  I love justice.  What more could a super-girl ask for?

Oh, I know.  I'll ask for Wonder Woman's amazing hair!  Girl, what leave-in conditioner do you use?

[artgerm via The Mary Sue]

Monday, April 8, 2013

May the Mouse Be With You

Ladies, are you or were you ever a fan of Disney princesses?

Were you always just a little bit annoyed by how nice they were?  There's nothing wrong with being nice, I guess, but let's be honest, the mean girls are always the most popular.

So if you like your Disney princesses with a little bit of attitude, why don't you try them with a good helping of Sith-itude!  RIMSHOT!

Artist Ralph Sevelius obliges, with both Sith-itude and Jeditude!

What do you think their names would be in the Star Wars universe?

[Ralph Sevelius via io9]

Tomb Raider Is the New Black

The new Tomb Raider is everywhere!  Seriously, like, everyone else is talking about it.  Why aren't you?


J/K love youuuuuu!

But for real this time, every review I read says this game is pretty damn good.  Over on The Mary Sue, Becky Chambers has a wonderful review of the revamp of the beloved game:
The new Tomb Raider is absolutely fantastic.
Forget everything you’ve read about Lara needing your protection. Forget about her needing to be “broken down.” It’s nonsense, all of it, the remnants of some truly misguided remarks about a character who is, without a doubt, one of the best action heroes I’ve ever seen. Notfemale action heroes — action heroes, period, full stop.
This is not the Lara Croft of old. That Lara was a treasure hunter, a bored rich girl who saw archaeology as a sport, who reacted to charging monsters with a raised eyebrow. Her successor is a devoted scholar — a history geek if ever there was one — resourceful, empathetic, and yes, very much afraid. But worry not, this is Tomb Raider’s masterful trick: It manages to show Lara as frightened and vulnerable without ever taking away her power. Her fear is not weakness. It’s humanity. It’s what makes you cheer her on all the more as she fights ever onward, as she yells, “I’m still alive, you bastards!” Giving up never crosses her mind, not once. She didn’t need me to push her along. She was the one pulling me.
And, hey, when a badass lady prtagonist is celebrated not for her sexiness, but for the quality of the game and the development of her character, I'm celebrating, too!

And my favorite way to celebrate is with CUTE OUTFITS!!

Cosplayer Ana Aesthetic agrees!

So does this lovely lady featured on GameStar Hungary!

Does this mean cargo pants will come back in style?

[Ana Aesthetic and BGZ Studios via Geeks Are Sexy]
[GameStar Hungary via Geeks Are Sexy]

Daily Desire: Game of Thrones [Engagement] Rings

You win or you buy, bitches!

Tumblr user Potterpenguin designed these beauteous rings at Gemvara.  I actually like the Greyjoy one best!  I never like Greyjoy best.

I put engagement in brackets because Gemvara is usually used for designing custom engagement rings--which I know because reasons--but these aren't technically engagement rings.  Unless you're the best person.  Then go ahead.

[Potterpenguin via Geeky Merch]

OMG It's A Makeover!

As you may have noticed, we've gotten a makeover!

And, no, this is not just for the sake of cuteness.  And, let's be honest, most makeovers are for cuteness alone, because cuteness is important.  BUT this is also for professionalism!  I mean, as much as I love pink, the pink background was starting to hurt my eyes.  And I don't want to have to wear glasses!!  Especially if paired with a ponytail.  Ew.

I also wanted to put the focus on the content as opposed to the design, which made me want a simpler background to work off.  Of course, there's still a little bit of character.  ARGYLE!  It'll go well with my glasses and ponytail.  PINK TEXT!  Cause I need to have pink in here somewhere!  DUH.

Lastly, the blog will soon be MOVING!!  That's right, I bought myself a URL like a real grown-up.  The blogger address and links will all point you to www.thefakegeekgirl.com!  Now I'm playing the waiting game while I, er, wait for the DNS servers to update blah blah computer words.

........The waiting game sucks.  Let's play Hungry Hungry Hippos.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

But I Like the Slutty Costumes!

Artist Michael Lee Lunsford drew a slew of ladyheroes in full sets of clothes.

Wonder Woman

Yeah, they might be better protected from their enemies, but, ladies, LOOKING HOT IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN JUSTICE.  Frankly, looking hot is more important than anything.

[Michael Lee Lunsford via io9]

I Love Leggings

But most especially SCIENCE LEGGINGS!!


I know, I know, I've been doing a lot of clothes-related posts recently.  I can't help it.  I LOVE CLOTHES.  And who can blame me!?  There are so many people putting out amazing geeky clothes, how can I not want all of them?

So thank you all of you designers!  You're making it possible to be a total nerd without giving up any of my girly fashionista cred :)

[Shenova via io9]

OMG WANT: Adventure Time Panties

[ThinkGeek via Geeky Merch]

Even Animals Are Talking About Women in Video Games

[Shoeboxblog via Geeks Are Sexy]

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Best Tees in All the Land

Last week, I showcased this dope tee from artist Megan Lara:

Well, Miss Megan has LOTS more goodies that are totally droolworthy!!

Don't believe me?

Well, here:
See what I mean?  You should probably check out her whole site and pick out your own favorites.  [Secret: I actually already own that last one as a tee, but I totally didn't make the connection until today.  BLONDE MOMENT, Y'ALL!]

Also, can I get her to design me a custom tattoo?  Because some of these are SO COOL I NEED THEM ON MY BODY.

[Megan Lara via le fancy geek]