Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Hey, internet!

I just wanted to make a wee disclaimer.

This blog is satire.  It is written/performed in character, a character I developed in order to combine my three passions:  performing, comedy writing, and things that would generally fall under "nerd/geek interest".  I am using the moniker The Fake Geek Girl for comedic/satiric effect.  This in no way means that I take the issue lightly.  It's very near and dear to my heart.
The fake geek girl meme has been commented on and shared and reblogged and pinned ad nauseum, but I believe that we need to keep talking about women in the nerd community.  Us ladies are becoming more and more vocal about how awesome we think All Things Nerd are, and yet we are still often scorned, deemed "not nerd enough."  It prevents a lot of women--myself included, for many years of my life--from discovering all the amazeballs stuff that's out there and talking about it.  From screaming from a mountaintop how much we fucking love whatever it is that makes us nerdgasm.

But I don't have a mountaintop.
I have a newsroom and a camera a blog and a webcam.

Am I actually interested in the things I blog about?  Yes.
Do I consider myself the biggest nerd in the world?  No.  I know better than to claim that.
Do I aim to offend?  Only if you don't get the jokes.  And then you prolly wouldn't be offended anyway...?
Do I aim to misbehave?  Always.

All that said, I don't like being serious.  I'm not very good at academic writing.  I'm much better at jokes.

*drops mic*

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