Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Countdown: My Favorite Couplings from SciFi, Fantasy & Comics #10

10.  Green Arrow & Black Canary
Perhaps this is a lingering Robin Hood thing.  I do like the swashbuckling gents, even though they often turn out to be terrible people.

Oliver Queen (known aliases: Green Arrow, MegaHottie), on the other hand, is not a terrible people.  He loves justice.  He loves it so much that he joined a whole league of justice.  But even more than justice, he totally loves Black Canary.  If there was a Black Canary League, Mr. Arrow would be President.

Like any good love story, theirs has lots of drama, enough drama to fill a whole series featuring artwork by one of my faves, Cliff Chiang.  [I mean, with the art/my heart, Cliff.  Those Star Wars propaganda images changed my life.]  Of course, all their romantic, Dawson's-level drama is exacerbated if not caused by the fact that their fighting crime and adventuring together, which I think is so romantic.

Le sigh.

I have a feeling fighting crime together will be a frequent theme on this list...

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