Thursday, February 7, 2013

I Read A Book!: Star Bright by Jonathan Luna

Yes, it's a book that's technically for children, but I need to start somewhere!

Star Bright is a fairy tale by Jonathan Luna.  He drew the pictures, too!  Yes, there are pictures!!  I know, I was excited, too.  They're really pretty.

[NOTE:  You might find it a little weird that my first review isn't something a little more...Nerd Canon.  You know, Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings... Don't worry!  Those reviews are coming soon to a theatre computer near you!  We will build our Nerd Knowledge from the ground up!  WE'RE OUT TO DISCOVER!!  But those aren't today's review.  I wanna talk about Star Bright because it's really topical.]

The story starts when Star Bright is left in the forest as a wee babe.  She makes friends with animals--specifically, an owl, a toad, and a capybara.  Cause, like, who else is going to be your friend if you live in the woods?  [And don't say "trees" or "the colors of the wind" like you're Pocahontas or something.  She's a Disney princess and not a real person........right?]

So anyway, Star Bright grows up alongside her animal BFFs, and they run all wild and free...until one day Star Bright discovers a magical mirror in the middle of the forest.  Somehow she doesn't find this suspicious at all (more on that later), and she not only takes the mirror for herself, but becomes OBSESSED WITH IT.  You see, Star Bright is pretty--cause who wants an ugly heroine, amirite?--but she finally realizes that she's all dirty from living in the forest for what is presumably 15-20 years!

She decides to clean herself up.

And boy does she clean up nice!!  So nice, in fact, that she can't stop staring at her own [gorgeous] reflection.  GIRL, I CAN RELATE.

There's more to the story, but I don't want to spoil it.  Because you most definitely should be reading this book.

For one thing, it's so short!  Short books are easier.  The type's also big, so that makes it even easier to read.  And, duh, pictures!!

For another, it's not just about Star Bright.  It's actually about everyone who's every been a teenager.  It's like, who wasn't self-obsessed in high school, always worrying about something superficial.  Don't get me wrong--looking pretty is important--but not as important as caring about your friends or not being a dick.

Speaking of caring about your friends, the adorable animal BFFs also play a really important role.  When Star Bright can't stop staring at herself and is so rude to her friends, they stay oh-so-loyal!!  They're all, "She's probably just going through something.  We should try to help her."  And I'd of course be all, "Bitch, please!"

So, yeah, read Star Bright!  It's sweet and charming and smart.  Just like me!  Okay, maybe "smart" like "that's a smart little dress", but still!

Last thing.  I didn't know what a capybara was!  LOOK AT THEM!  THEY'RE HUGGING!

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