Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Pretty Girl Can Be Smart, Too?!? BAULDERDASH!

I don't know if you know this, but you can be smart and care about your appearance.


I wish someone would have told me that secret in high school.  I could have been a lot prettier.  THAT'S A LIE.  I was totally pretty.  I could have been be smarter!!

 The inspiration for this musing is 16-year-old Lauren Marbe.  Lauren is from Essex, and, according to the Daily Mail, "loves fake tanning, having blonde highlights, manicures and getting glammed up for TOWIE parties with her friend*."  Recently, a bunch of kids from her school took the MENSA IQ test, and Lauren scored a 161.

You guys, that's higher than Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates, and Albert mothafuckin Einstein.

Say what you will about the accuracy of IQ tests.  It still means that this girl is a smarty [in very fashionable] pants!!  She even has a bunch of really British-sounding academic honors, including being a prefect.  Which, until today, I thought was a status made up by JK Rowling for the purposes of Percy Weasley.

She also loves trashy TV, making my biggest takeaway from this article the discovery of TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex)OMG IT'S LIKE BRITISH JERSEY SHORE.  Excuse me while I binge watch as much as I can find.

*Yes, the article said "friend" and not "friends."  I assume that she has more than one; she is pretty, after all.

[Daily Mail via Jezebel]

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