Friday, January 17, 2014

"The Promise and Problems of Harley Quinn"

As many of you may know, I recently signed onto the writing team at The Learned Fangirl.

I'm reviewing comics and covering cosplay, and if I follow my ambitious desires, I'll be submitting posts once a week.  It's a great site, and it gives me the opportunity to write more intellectual pieces than usually appear here on The Fake Geek Girl.

Plus, here on Fake Geek Girl, we're mostly talking about stuff I love and stuff that I'm doing and anything else egocentric I can come up with.  As my musings on TLF are reviews, there's a lot more critical thinking about elements that I don't like, that I hate, that bother me, or just make a story harder to read.

Not in the Tracy Jordan: Hard to Watch kind of way.  In the "wow, I don't understand the story" kind of way.

In my latest review, "The Promise and Problems of Harley Quinn," I muse on what makes Harley such a difficult character to write and discuss.  But when done right, she's The Most Fun.  I urge you to check it out!

Oh, and for funsies, and because I watched a buttload of Batman TAS while writing my review, I found this GIFset under the title 'Ship It To The Moon and Back:

This makes me want an Orange Is the New Black-esque comedy that takes place in Arkham Asylum.  COPYRIGHT NO ONE STEAL THAT AWESOME IDEA.

Winter Is Coming...See What I Did There?

It's really cold in Chicago.  And snowy.

Cosplay Envy: Zsu Zsu Starr as Zatanna


NEED: Darth Vader Chocolate Box

And just in time for Valentine's Day!


[via Geeks Are Sexy]

My New Fave Vid: Contemporary Dance

Meet Contemporary Eric and his assistant, Bich.

They're going to teach you how to dance.

This will definitely help me this weekend as I practice my new number for The Kiss Kiss Cabaret.

My Upcoming Weekend in GIFs

Happy Friday, Fake Geeks!

When the work week is over, I want to put on some yoga pants, watch everything on Netflix, and drink a six-pack of something gross like Smirnoff Ice or Skinny Girl cosmos.
The last thing I want to do is a bunch of thinking and a bunch of work.

Unfortunately, this weekend, I have A LOT OF STUFF packed into a very little amount of time.

The first on the docket is finishing up a monster load of writing.  I've got 4 outlines for entries on The Learned Fangirl, and I really want to get through all of them.  Why?  Becuase I'm excited about the material, and I don't wanna lose my excitement.  I gotta use the passion while it's there.

Otherwise, Smirnoff Ice in hand, I'm all:

I also have another potential writing job, which is also SO EXCITING.  Ima be, like, a professional or something.
But that also means gathering writing samples, updating a resume, crafting a cover letter...ooooo boy.  Dat shit is overwhelming when I list it all out.

I also have to get through a laundry list of pre-production tasks on my webseries about ladies in space.  But that's all good, cause I'm totally going to take over the Internet with it.
Today, YouTube.  Tomorrow, THE WORLD.

And of course I have even more Fake Geek Girling to do!!  There have already been SEVENTEEN DAYS of nerdiness in January, and I been slackin.
For a fun reason, but more on that a little later <3

Then Saturday comes along, and I go ca-ca-carayyyyzayyyyy.
I have an all-day rehearsal on Saturday morning
another rehearsal Sunday morning
a video shoot (arrive in full hair and makeup)
and then yet another rehearsal on Sunday night.  Just kill me now, before the exhaustion gets to me!!

Somewhere in there, I need to find time to check my email, practice some dances, and, you know, maybe do some laundry.


Misty Mountains Rap

Veronica Mars Trailer! Veronica Mars Trailer!

I was a teen in the Naughty Aughties, as so I love Veronica Mars.

Veronica Mars: Most Likely to Blog

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I Love Love: A Brief History of Nerd-Beloved Romances


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Cosplay Envy: Kitteninstrings as Pixie


[Kitteninstrings Cosplay via Geeks Are Sexy]

Monday, January 13, 2014

Depression For Dorks

The Fake Geek Girl is wee bit depressed today, y'all!

Usually, I can fake being normal.  Today, I just don't even want to try.  Too much work.  But I do still want to fake being a geek girl to get male attention.  To that end, here's how to accept your depression, whether chronic or clinical or EUGH TODAY WAS HARD I JUST NEED A XANAX, with that extra nerd touch.

When I'm depressed, I like to sleep, because STEREOTYPES ARE TRUE.

For today's self-imposed siesta, I think I'll use these pillows:
(via The Hobbit pillow Bilbo Thorin Gandalf throw pillow by telahmarie)
via Geeky Merch

Or maybe I'll marathon a bad TV show while wearing a comfy tank top, like this:
X-Files The Truth Is Out ThereTANK  |  TEE
via Geeky Merch

Knowing that other people are going through the same thing also helps:

And meditating on badass ladies helps, too:

Keron Grant

But, it turns out, Patch Adams was right.  Laughter really is the best medicine:

Zelda, Rendered Beautifully

[Split-Heart via So Geek Chic]

She Went to Jareth's

As we know, I love 1980s fantasy movies.

What luck that I should encounter two AMAZING Labyrinth-related things within 24 hours of each other!?

First, my dear friend/awesome nerd Andy posted this gem on my facebook:

Better than Jared's.  WAY better.

Here's another couple who decided to forgo Jared's for Jareth's.  A Labyrinth-themed engagement shoot!!

labyrinth wedding shoot 1

labyrinth wedding shoot 2

labyrinth wedding shoot 7