Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Want of the Week: Neverending Story E-Reader Cover

I love The Neverending Story.

I recently got in an argument with someone who told me that it is a movie that does not stand the test of time.  I vehemently disagreed, and my points were all really well-supported with evidence from the movie.  It was like the AP test of 80s fantasy, and I got a 5, bitches.  COLLEGE CREDIT, HERE I COME!]

The Neverending naysayer was all, "Damn girl, you've seen this movie a lot."  And I was all, "Not only that, I watched it last night.  Totally stands the test of time.  BOOM."  Then I dropped the mic and sashayed away.

The point is, I really want this e-reader cover.  I suppose I'd need an e-reader or an iPad first.  Can I have an iPad, please?  To add to The Neverending Chain of Apple Products Nicole Wants...


[via Geeks Are Sexy]


  1. If you visit Bavaria Filmstadt near Munich (the studio where they filmed most of it) and you take the tour, you can ride a full-sized Falcor on a green screen. The gift shop sells Auryns. It's pretty nifty.

    1. Full-sized Falcor!? All my dreams are coming true!!

    2. I put a picture of him here: http://stevenglassman.de/2013/01/21/bavaria-filmstadt/