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On the Evolution of My Nerd Fashion

[Her Universe via So Geek Chic]

It's difficult to imagine now, but there was a time when finding nerdy clothes was really rare.

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Now, I can walk into somewhere as totes normal as Forever21 and buy a tee with a vintage Hulk print on it.  But gather round, children, it's high time ye learned about a hero named Homer and a devil named Burns about a time when nary a Target carried anything referencing Marvel or DC or The Hub.

chainmail leggings
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The first was the ever-present Superman tee, purchased from a Specner's Gifts or a Hot Topic in the late 90s.  Of course, they didn't carry those in women's sizes.  Man is in the name; girls obvi don't want to wear a Superman logo.  Something tells me the people manufacturing these tees didn't know about Supergirl, but whatevs.  So my wee preteen self wore men's tees, all "I look so good."

[SuperHeroStuff via So Geek Chic]

I did not look so good.

[Kinckerocker via Geekologie]

Then there were the early attempts as cosplay.  A dragon printed skirt and corset to go see Fellowship of the Ring.  An as-close-to-historically-accurate-as-a-15-year-old-can-muster dress for the Bristol Renaissance Faire.  A makeshift Hogwarts uniform that made me look like I was about 8 years old.  Except there were fishnets! Don't know what 8-year-old wears fishnets, but let's just say I started with the slut clothes early on.  I totally confused the guy at the movie theatre when I handed him a credit card like a grown-ass woman.

[Black Milk Clothing via Geekologie]

Again, I did not look so good.

(via Doctor Who TARDIS Ear Cuff by 77Flower77 on Etsy)
[77Flower77 via Geeky Merch]

Unfortunately for my storytelling, I don't remember what my first purchase of an actual ladies-sized nerd garment was.

[We Love Fine via The Mary Sue]

I do know that, gradually, as the internet expanded and Etsy arrived and I got a job and my own quasi-disposable income (er, rather, income-I-should-save-but-instead-dispose-on-awesome-clothes-cause-I-have-a-problem), my ill-fitting tees and awkward cosplay were replaced by fashionable silhouettes and well-thought-out pieces.  I mean, just because I'm nerdy doesn't mean I can't also look good, right?

SW_HU_Fett Tank
[Her Universe for Hot Topic via Geeks Are Sexy]

In the here and now, I can find almost anything I want!  There are hair accessories...

(via XMen Comic Headband Hair Accessory Comic Headband by PartyofTen)
[PartyofTen via Geeky Merch]


[SuperHeroStuff via Geeks Are Sexy]

...nail polish...

[Digital Nails via Geeky Merch]


[Dark Balloons via Geeky Merch] dresses...

Star Wars wedding dress
[via Fashionably Geek]

...and, of course, jewelry!
(via Adjustable PacMan Ring Silver // R0035SV // Silver by queenspark)
[via Geeky Merch]
[OhMyGeekness via Geekologie]

And the best part is that new vendors pop up everyday, like Gold Bubble Clothing, making it ever easier to dress for success.

My most recent find is this beautiful gown, worn at a recent public appearance by Taiwanese singer Mei, featuring a detailed dragon skeleton down the back of the dress.

[via The Mary Sue]

such fashion
much dragon
very dress

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