Friday, December 13, 2013

My Nerd Queue

One of the best-of-times-worst-of-times for any nerd is December.

There is an insane amount of pressure for everyone at this time of year.  Your Thanksgiving turkey isn't even fully digested before you have to bust out the XMas decor, start reading gift guides, and trial run your Star Wars themed cookies before the holiday parties begin.

But that pressure increases exponentially for the nerdy among us.

Because being a nerd or geek means that you get really excited about stuff that you like.  Hence the phrase "geeking* out."  And when you get excited about stuff, browsing a gift guide doesn't just give you ideas for others in your life.  No, you get ideas for yourself.  So, if I'm reading through io9's spectacular gift guidesI want to read all the books.  I want to watch all of the shows I've missed out on.  want Katniss Barbie.

All the Toys and Collectibles You'll Hate to Give Away This Year

And don't even get me started on best of the year lists!!

To drop my favorite Tolkein quote:  "I wish life was not so short," he thought.  "Languages take such a time, and so do all the things one wants to know about."  It doesn't help that most of nerds are perfectionists.  So we don't just want to do all the things, we want to do all the things, all the way, all the time.  And that takes TIME, yo.

All of this is a long way of saying that I have a big list of stuff.
To Do.
To Watch.
To Read.
To Write.

And it's that last one that brings me to today's posts and future posts.

When I read the interwebs, I save everything I want to blog about in a Google Doc.  There is a lot of it, and in a move that surprises no one, I don't get to all of it.

BUT.  I want to clean out my blogging queue before the new year starts so I can hit you guys with All New Nerdery in 2014.

That means I am going to inundate you with posts.  Good thing I'm so awesome and you'll want to read them all ;)

The wink face was supposed to be flirtatious so that you'd read all my upcoming posts.  Did it work?


How about now?

So, what's on your Nerd Queue?

*Like anyone who has been on the internet ever, I know that there are distinctions between "nerd" and "geek."  I also know that those distinctions vary from person to person, reader to reader, angry comment feed to angry comment feed.  For the purposes of this article, I will use both as umbrella to describe people who, like me, get really excited about stuff.  More often than not, people's distinctions between these two words just involve what they get excited about.  But, truly, we're all in this together.  All for one and one for all, to infinity and beyond, etc etc solidarity etc.

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