Friday, December 13, 2013

My Nerd Queue: Suck In, Miss Data

Cosplayers are always striving to find new, innovative costuming ideas, and these two fraulines done did it by combining two of my favorite things:  historical garments and Star Trek.

Here we have a Victorian Janeway and Data.

These two German nerds dressed up as Victorian Janeway and Lady Data for a sneak preview of Star Trek Into Darkness. Why? I don’t know. And not because I don’t read German, because I DO. She talks about how they saw the sneak preview, and how she did her hair, and how the insignia on the skirt doesn’t exactly match the uniform but there is not really an explanation of why this happened.
Thanks, Amy, for the heads up!


Their blog is in German (hence the "fraulines"), but Google's translator button allows us uneducated types to understand what's going on with only a few hiccups.  And you really should head over there, especially if you're like me and have a lady boner for historical dress.  They seem to take on everything:  steampunk, Victorian, gothic...I even think I saw some Jane Austen up in there.

COSPLAY CHALLENGE:  What historical era do you want to see merged with which characters?

[via Fashion It So]

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