Friday, December 20, 2013

I Heart Harley Quinn

I've been a bad comics reader recently.

The one and only Harley Quinn has been given her own monthly series, but I have not been keeping up :(  Granted, at this point I think I'm only two issues behind, but I feel like I've betrayed one of my fave ladies.

Especially because this is rumoured to be pretty darn good.  Written by Jimmy Palmiotti with art by Amanda Conner, there were a lot of high expectations.
Conner and Palmiotti were the folks behind one of the much lauded initial run on Power Girl’s first ongoing series (Power Girl) in 2009, and it’s hard not to see the parallels here. Power Girl is also a character who combines a smart, outgoing personality with a costume famously considered to be designed purely for the male gaze. A skillful reconciliation of those factors, if not a redesign (which appears to be at least part of the Conner/Palmiotti plan for Harley), is necessary to tell a story of much weight. In an interview with the creators on Comic Book Resources, Conner and Palmiotti promise that they’ll be getting Harley out of Gotham for a while, and giving her her own expanded cast, marrying the old and new.

These expectations seem to have been met.  So sayeth Mark Rozeman at Paste Magazine, "Harley Quinn #0 is a cornucopia of riches for any comic book nerd in the know, highlighting the best of what today’s great artists bring to the table while parodying their frustrating quirks."  And over at Ain't It Cool News, the first issue is winning friends and influencing people:  "It's absurd, but this is when the title truly won me over.  If this is going to be a schizophrenic sitcom, then go balls deep."

As if I wasn't already pumped enough for this title!

I may have to update the Harley cosplay I'm planning from Arkham City to Roller Derby.

Though I still want this corset:
Harley Quinn Long Line Corset
[Castle Corsetry via Geeky Merch]

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