Monday, April 8, 2013

Tomb Raider Is the New Black

The new Tomb Raider is everywhere!  Seriously, like, everyone else is talking about it.  Why aren't you?


J/K love youuuuuu!

But for real this time, every review I read says this game is pretty damn good.  Over on The Mary Sue, Becky Chambers has a wonderful review of the revamp of the beloved game:
The new Tomb Raider is absolutely fantastic.
Forget everything you’ve read about Lara needing your protection. Forget about her needing to be “broken down.” It’s nonsense, all of it, the remnants of some truly misguided remarks about a character who is, without a doubt, one of the best action heroes I’ve ever seen. Notfemale action heroes — action heroes, period, full stop.
This is not the Lara Croft of old. That Lara was a treasure hunter, a bored rich girl who saw archaeology as a sport, who reacted to charging monsters with a raised eyebrow. Her successor is a devoted scholar — a history geek if ever there was one — resourceful, empathetic, and yes, very much afraid. But worry not, this is Tomb Raider’s masterful trick: It manages to show Lara as frightened and vulnerable without ever taking away her power. Her fear is not weakness. It’s humanity. It’s what makes you cheer her on all the more as she fights ever onward, as she yells, “I’m still alive, you bastards!” Giving up never crosses her mind, not once. She didn’t need me to push her along. She was the one pulling me.
And, hey, when a badass lady prtagonist is celebrated not for her sexiness, but for the quality of the game and the development of her character, I'm celebrating, too!

And my favorite way to celebrate is with CUTE OUTFITS!!

Cosplayer Ana Aesthetic agrees!

So does this lovely lady featured on GameStar Hungary!

Does this mean cargo pants will come back in style?

[Ana Aesthetic and BGZ Studios via Geeks Are Sexy]
[GameStar Hungary via Geeks Are Sexy]

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