Monday, April 15, 2013


Are we all watching Arrow?

Really, you should be watching Arrow.

Everyone everywhere is talking about what a good show it is.  Not just a good superhero show, a good show show.  Like, a show that normal people watch (instead of people like you)(NERDS!).

Here are three reasons that you should watch Arrow.  [At least, these are my three reasons that I watch, and, as we all know, it's SO ALL ABOUT ME all the time.]

1. The oh-so-delightfully CW dialogue.  Watch an episode.  Count how many times a scene begins: "Hey." ".....hey."  SO GOOD, RIGHT!?  It reminds me of my youth*.  You know, those many nights spent crying while watching Dawson's Creek, and your best friend is also crying at watching Dawson's, and you're also on the phone with each other so you can feel like you're crying watching together.  You know those.  Arrow is like those.  The boy-girl drama is everything you wish your boy-girl drama could be: perfect hair and makeup,  delicious sexual tension, mediocre acting***.  All that, plus ACTION SEQUENCES!!!!

2. Felicity Smoak.  Played by Emily Bett-Rickards, Felicity Smoak appears to be a dorky IT girl for Queen Industries, but she actually has totally badass hacking skillz!  And it's not just me, either.  Everyone is crazy about her.  Over on io9, Cecil Castellucci has an amazing "Ode to Felicity Smoak":
"It is refreshing that the initial dynamic between Felicity and Oliver is a bit of a role reversal. He notices only her brain. She is the one who notices and comments on how sexy Oliver is. She is our in-show male gazer...Sure, Oliver needs Felicity as the brains of his operation, but she is also the heart. The conscience. She's the one who tells him that he needs to become more than what he is. She's the one who verbalizes the moral dilemma that he's in as a masked vigilante. And through this, it's as though Oliver is now growing a heart."
Most importantly, she's SUPER PRETTY!

3.  Speaking of pretty, two words: Stephen. Amell.
Those abs!  Dat face!  That love for justice!!  YES, PLEASE.

*my actual youth, not the neverending party** that is my adult life
**I'm hereby copywriting The Neverending Party as my next comedy sketch.  YouTube stardom, here I come!
***Okay, fine, it's not mediocre.  I'm just totes jealous that I'm not acting on the CW.  Yet.

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