Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Like Winter, Photos Are Coming


C2E2 was this weekend.

This was the first year since C2E2 began that I've been able to go.  Usually, I have All the Performances that weekend, so can't spend 3 days walking around on barely-disguised concrete floors and still be alive enough to act.  Or even act like I'm acting.

Now that my body is nearly recovered from con fever, I've got about 3 years worth of material to post about.  But alas, today is a day for a few short posts and that is all.


I won't leave you so unsatisfied*!

For now, content yourselves with this picture of Everypony, including me as
Pinkie Pie the Party Pony.

*One of my favorite parts of any play script ever comes from The Complete Works of Shakespeare (Abridged).  In the Romeo & Juliet balcony scene, Juliet says, "O wilt thou leave me so unsatisfied?"  To which there is a footnote saying something along the lines of: "In the original publication, this was written, 'O Wilt, thou leave me so unsatisfied,' referring to basketball great Wilt Chamberlain."

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