Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Want of the Day: Wet Seal's Superhero Style Section

There are people who get mad when they see mainstream mall stores carrying nerdy clothes.  They see it as a corporatization of their favorite properties, pushing what is cult into the mainstream.  To them, it means that any teen girl can waltz into a Forever 21 and come out boasting bonafide love of characters and stories that they don't know the first thing about.

But I love it!!

My entire life, I could only show off my love for all things nerdy if I was willing to don a size XL men's tee.  To this day, the question at the end of the convention swag line is always: "Large or Extra Large?"  Of course, men's.

It's such a relief, therefore, to find things that actually FIT.  To find things that tell people that even though I'm a girly girl, I too can like superheros and science, magic and Magic: The Gathering, Captains Picard and America.  It's a recognition by the companies that create and promote these properties that women can participate, too!  And the more those companies recognize women as a legitimate source of income, the more products they'll create for us.  The more products they create for us, the more other members of the nerd community will recognize that us ladies deserve a place at the gaming table.

Don't be upset if we wanna wear a cute dress to said gaming, though.  Cause this might be my next event outfit...

[Wet Seal via So Geek Chic]

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