Saturday, March 8, 2014

Want of the Day: Everything on "What Would Khaleesi Wear?"

TRUE CONFESSIONS:  I love fashion. already knew that...?  Well then, it should come as no surprise that my clothes and accessories make a difference in how I feel.  And sometimes, I want to feel like the Mother of Dragons, our favesies Khaleesi Danaerys Targaryen.


Good thing that there is a tumblr that tells me exactly what contemporary clothes Dany would don.  What Would Khaleesi Wear? is a well-curated collection of styles that look at home on the runway or atop the Great Pyramid of Meereen.


And I want pretty much everything listed on this website, from the glamorous gowns...

what-would-khaleesi-wear-robert-abi-nader.jpg the intricate hairstyles...

what-would-khaleesi-wear-christian-dior-couture.jpg frickin' DRAGON UNDERPANTS!


Any/all of these would make me feel like taking Westeros in fire & blood!


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