Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday Mixtape: Pink Edition!

They've finally discovered my true planet of origin:  "GJ 504b is not only the planet with the lowest mass of any that has been directly imaged in the past, but is also pink."

In celebration, welcome to The Pink Edition of Sunday Mixtape!!

The mission to explore Planet Pink will be led by none other than Mars Explorer Barbie!

"Mars Explorer Barbie is the “Career of the Year” Barbie for 2013, and it’s certainly a plus to see a science oriented Barbie take center stage."  Indeed!  Of course, I especially love the pink-accented space suit!

If Barbie encounters any hostile aliens, she'll need some backup!  Good things she has a slew of redesigned lady characters to choose from.  She can form the ideal team!

How about Drachea Rannak's Sailor Mulan?

Or how about Redditor Gnatman64's Gandalf the Pink?

I'll leave all the exploring to the professionals.  And, yes, by professionals, I do mean a doll, a Disney princess, and a grown man dressed as a wizard.  Besides, I'd much rather be doing my nails!

(via Stormtrooper Nail Art Decals by NailSpin on Etsy)

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