Sunday, March 16, 2014

Want of the Day: Hot Pink Steampunk Necklace

I have never really been huge into steampunk cosplay.

Don't get me wrong, when done well, it looks so fly.


But I don't do it well.  Though I've had a handful of great ideas [Steampunk Guardians of the Galaxy, y'all, with me as Rocket!], I don't have the sewing/crafting/fabricating skills required to execute my really dope ideas.

But I may have to push my costuming to the next level, because I've found an accessory that cannot be ignored.  And it's PINK!!

[KTOctopus via Geekologie]

The pink is girly.  The green is gaudy.  Finally, a character concpet that I can really connect with!!
Duchess Felicity Anne Wraithchild is one of London's most famous socialites and hostesses.  Her parties are known around the world for their extravagent themes, generous menus, and unparalleled entertainment.  Her meticulously curated guest lists can include royals and rebels, celebrities and scallawags.  The noted pirate Professor Horatio Culpepper is almost always in attendance.  Popular rumour has it that the Duchess and Culpepper are lovers with an uncannily stable romance, but what no one knows is that they are also frequent partners in piracy.  Felicity uses her sizeable social network to discover new adventures and most especially treasures, which add to her already sizeable fortune...
Oy vey.  I really just fell down the steampunk rabbit hole there.  It's like Alice's, only with more corsets, clockwork, and varying shades of brown.  Well now I'm adding a little pink and acid green to the mix!  GIT READY, PROFESSOR!  AIRSHIP UP IN FIVE.

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