Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cosplay Envy: Kitty Young (Again!)

I've featured the unfairly gorgeous Kitty Young before.

Then this morning she totally upped the ante with these teasers for some new cosplay.

Death from Neil Gaiman's Sandman.  Not only a formative set of comics for the young Fake Geek Girl, but also one of my fave characters EVAR.

And that tattoo choker!  Remember those?

Seriously.  Check this hottie.

Do people care about Sandman anymore?  Other than me?  Last year, Mattel released an SDCC exclusive figure of Death, and no one seemed to care!
Everyone was in line for Derpy Hooves.  Don't get me wrong, I love me some Derpy.  But who is a better role model for the ladies--a totally cool chick with a great attitude OR a clumsy pony with a lazy eye?

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  1. I CARE, NICOLE. I F!@#&NG CARE. Death is my favorite <3 <3 <3