Thursday, May 16, 2013

I'm Just Too Hot n' Nerdy

One of my dreams in life is to make a living being Hot & Nerdy.

Since my youth is quickly draining away, being a Hollywood It Girl is pretty much off the table.
At 5 feet tall, I'll never be a Real Model.

And neither of those is nerdy enough for little ol' me.

But then there's pinup.

Hot?  Always.
Nerdy?  More often than you'd think!

So I always have to click on something that promises a mashup of classically sexy ladies and much-beloved characters.  Imagine my delight--usually expressed "OMGsocute"--when I saw Lora Zombie's new series.

She even has sweet little video showcasing some of her process.
My favorite parts are (a) the guest appearances by a kitteh and a wee mouse, and (b) the putting-on-makeup interludes.  I often need putting-on-makeup interludes.

Here's her version of my girl Poison Ivy:

Click through for the full gallery!

The gallery is labeled NSFW, but only if you work somewhere that has a strict No Cartoon Butts policy.

[Lora Zombie via Blastr]

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