Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cosplay Envy: MolecularAgatha

The other day, I was innocently browsing the internet, when this stunning steampunk Link crossed my path:
This is cosplayer MolecularAgatha [WHAT DOES YOUR NAME MEEEAAAAN!?] looking fine as hell in her leather armor.

So I did what any girl does when confronted with a cute outfit.

Internet stalking...ENGAGE.

And, boy, was my fancy tickled!!

Her deviantArt page yields classics, like Sexy Princess Peach here:
and a spot-on Sailor Venus:


There are also more unique entries that make me UBERJEALOUS.

Like, hey, Naked Samus:
Git it, girl.

She even does historical figures!!
Caterina Sforza.  Like, unpopular historical figures.  HIPSTER HISTORY!  [Hipstory?  Nope.  Nevermind.]

And the icing on the cupcake?


BONUS Hipstotical Nyan Cat.!

[MolecularAgatha via Geeks Are Sexy]

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