Thursday, May 30, 2013

Gender-Swapped LOTR Is [Almost] My Fave LOTR

Okay, so some chick [I assume it's a chick because only girls like girl characters, right?] created a gender-swapped casting for LOTR!

Livejournal user Annis created stunning picspammy [which is a new vocab word for me!] paying tribute to the lady actors who fit the film versions of the much-beloved characters.

Now, her own disclaimer says
When I created this picspam, I had a couple of requirements when choosing an actor. First off: they should be of an approximately fitting age...Second off: they should have some tie to the movie version of the character, as that's what I'm casting after. As I'm pretty bad at actors, I used IMDB extensively and asked friends for help. I haven't considered much beyond looks either, as, well, then I couldn't cast anything.
But I think she did a damn good job!!

I've only given you the Fellowship + Saruman (because Helen Mirren, bitches!) but OH THERE'S MORE.  Including some token sexy dudes ;)  Check out the original post for more.

[via io9]

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