Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Princess Is In Her Own Damn Castle

Anita Sarkeesian runs the blog Feminist Frequency where she explores the portrayal of women in pop culture.  As you can imagine, this makes her kinda unpopular, because people love hatin' on the ladies.

(Don't believe that people hate on the ladies?  Check out this note from her TEDxWomen page: "WHY ARE COMMENTS TURNED OFF? This talk comes from a woman who was targeted by an online hate campaign. Predictably, the same campaign has targeted this talk, so comments have been shut down. If you’d like to comment constructively on this video, please share on your own social networks.")

She's just started a new part of her video series, "Tropes vs Women in Video Games," and Part 1 looks at my personal fave trope, The Damsel in Distess.  It's my fave because I'm a damsel and always slightly in distress.  Unfortunately, my distress is more did-I-choose-the-wrong-outfit-today and less this-dragon-locked-me-in-his-castle.

But unlike me, Sarkeesian is anything but a DiD (that's my abbrev for damsel in distress), as you can see from her cool vid below.

[via Feminist Frequency]

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