Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Is Nerf Herder Love Like Muskrat Love?

In case you haven't noticed, I LOVE LOVE.

A lot of girls love love.  Like, being in love is essentially the "this is your brain on drugs" part of the PSA, but without taking any drugs and also without the permanent damage.  [Weeeeeeellll sometimes there's permanent damage, but that's WAY TOO EMO for a post about how love makes me squee.]

Love is also super dramatic.  Which is why so many high stakes, epic love stories take place within high stakes, epic movies/books/TV shows.  Like, for instance, Star Wars!

You all already know how I feel about Han & Leia.  Seriously I'm obsessed.  Maybe if Han stopped being such a ruggedly handsome (some say scruffy-looking) rogue and Leia stopped being such a coke-thin badass [and also a freaking princess, thus embodying all of my dreams], maybe then I would stop loving them.

Well, over on StarWars.com, the always-amazing Bonnie Burton goes beyond just my fave couple and talks about love all across that galaxy far, far away.  Take a look, then go cry into your pillow because HAN WILL NEVER BE YOUR MAN.

I mean...not that that's what I'm going to do....who would do something stupid like that......?  Ha ha ha.  That is not a nervous laugh.

[via Geek With Curves]

PS--It took everything in my power not to make an insanely dirty "Han shot first" joke.

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