Sunday, March 17, 2013


GIRL.  You do not look ready to be launched into space!!

Oh, wait, we're not talking about her.  DUH.  Sometimes I get distracted by cute outfits.

We're talking about 13-year-old science fair participant (and spoiler alert WINNER) Lauren Rojas.  [Who I hope does not have weird cartoon cat leotards and frilly pink garters.  Maybe when you're older, sweetheart...]

Lauren's science fair project--"The effects of altitude on air pressure and temperature"--launched a Hello Kitty doll into space!  OMG so cute!

Check out the video of the launch:
THAT IS SO COOL.  CAN I SEE IT IN IMAX?  Also, great taste in music, right?

Rojas was one of four award-winners at Cornerstone Christian school's 7th grade science fair.  Now she gets to go to regionals, and we all know that what happens at regional science fair stays at regional science fair!  Oh, no, nevermind, I just googled it.  What happens at regional science fair goes onto state science fair.

Good luck at regionals, Lauren!

[via The Mary Sue]
[image via cosrain]

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