Friday, January 17, 2014

"The Promise and Problems of Harley Quinn"

As many of you may know, I recently signed onto the writing team at The Learned Fangirl.

I'm reviewing comics and covering cosplay, and if I follow my ambitious desires, I'll be submitting posts once a week.  It's a great site, and it gives me the opportunity to write more intellectual pieces than usually appear here on The Fake Geek Girl.

Plus, here on Fake Geek Girl, we're mostly talking about stuff I love and stuff that I'm doing and anything else egocentric I can come up with.  As my musings on TLF are reviews, there's a lot more critical thinking about elements that I don't like, that I hate, that bother me, or just make a story harder to read.

Not in the Tracy Jordan: Hard to Watch kind of way.  In the "wow, I don't understand the story" kind of way.

In my latest review, "The Promise and Problems of Harley Quinn," I muse on what makes Harley such a difficult character to write and discuss.  But when done right, she's The Most Fun.  I urge you to check it out!

Oh, and for funsies, and because I watched a buttload of Batman TAS while writing my review, I found this GIFset under the title 'Ship It To The Moon and Back:

This makes me want an Orange Is the New Black-esque comedy that takes place in Arkham Asylum.  COPYRIGHT NO ONE STEAL THAT AWESOME IDEA.

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