Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Nerd Love: Engagement vs. Jason


All y'all with your zombie and dinosaur photo shoots, Imma let you finish, but these guys have the best engagement photo session EVAR.

Camp Crystal Lake.  Huh.  Already not starting off well, guys.
Camp Crystal Lake, huh?  Already not starting off well, guys.  I wonder where this is headed....

SPOILER ALERT:  It's headed straight into Jason Vorhees' machete.

I love the idea of turning the engagement shoot tradition on its head.  Those photos can be so boring and safe and OMG LET'S MAKE CUTE FACES AT EACH OTHER WHILE WEARING COORDINATED OUTFITS.  It's a little too Sears Portrait Studio for my tastes.

Now, I think that me personally?  I'd like to have the couple face danger and WIN.  Like, your love is so strong it can defeat JASON!  Or Predator!  Or The Terminator!!  Or whatever obstacles it comes against!  But these guys like their romance dark!  Let's finish the story, shall we?


Credits roll to "Don't Fear the Reaper."

[via io9]

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