Thursday, July 25, 2013

Comic-Con Recap: Wednesday, July 17th

GUYYYYYSSSSSS!!  I've returned from my 3rd year at SDCC, and I think I'm finally DOIN' IT RIGHT.

Awwww yeah!

I know I'm a bit behind the times on the Comic Con coverage, but I was too busy waiting in line (read: sleeping on the sidewalk) to blog.  But even though I'm behind, this is totally the best coverage.  This is not just news and celeb sightings!  Okay, it is that.  But it's also much more personal (and abbrev-laden) than the average news site.

In other words, I'm the best.

Even though we did not have tickets to preview night, we arrived Wednesday morning and immediately went to pick up our badges.  The first thing I noticed was that all the train signs were in Dothraki.

Then we explored the Con-related displays betwixt our hotel and the convention center (which was a blissfully short distance).

We checked out...inflatable Teen Titans...:

...Batman and Robin, plus a bonus Joker with the creepiest eyes...:

They will replace the whale in my nightmares.
...Lego Bag End...:

...and The Mystery Machine!

Then we went to a midnight screening of Psych: The Musical.

The blurry figure arising from the Weiner Mobile is Timothy Omundson, and the picture is blurry because I was screaming like a tween at the Teen Wolf panel.

I mean, just look at him:
...I think I have weird taste in men.  Or I have great taste in pirates.

Speaking of pirates!

Assasin's Creed ran a promo that was simply a pirate ship docked behind the convention center, so we got to walk out of our hotel to this:

Yeah, it was a good start to what ended up being a great con.

More to come!

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