Wednesday, July 3, 2013

SDCC Countdown: 2 Weeks to Go

We're officially at 2 weeks before SDCC, and now is the time to perfect your beach bod so that you can wear the sluttiest costume of them all!

Because I'm the type of geek who alternates her comics with fashion magazines, I've already been trying to shed poundage.  [Girls are in a constant state of reshaping their bodies to fit their dreams, and I am no exception!]  But I'm really buckling down starting today, because now we're in the home stretch!!!

My prep is not just about losing weight.  I want to leave for the airport in two weeks feeling just, like, sooooo healthy.

Story time.

The very first year I went to SDCC, I pushed myself to get ready.  I stayed up late and woke up early.  I cleaned the house, I sent emails, I exercised...I really pushed myself to the limit.
When we got there, I continued to stay up late, wake up early, stand in line outside, and of course drink a lot and eat gross food.

So I was sick by Friday.

And there is nothing worse than being sick while on vacation.

Okay, well, like, cancer is worse, obvi.  And animal cruelty.  And having nothing to wear.  But, being sick on vacation is right up there on my List of Shitty Situations.

To make matters even more sucky, it was also my birthday weekend


So I really don't want to repeat that 3peat.  Evar.

So I'm taking two weeks to really focus on improving myself inside and out.

I want to sculpt my abs so I can wear this:

And I want to take my vitamins and sleep a lot so I can do this:

Summer vacation!!  WOOO!!!

[Fit2btiedclothing via So Geek Chic]

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