Friday, February 21, 2014

Want of the Day: All the Literary References

Today, I discovered not one but TWO awesome collections of products referencing literature.

First up, something I actually need.  A new iPhone case!

My initial instinct was to go for Dune.

The texts must FLOOOOOWWWW!!

But I don't think brown is really the best phone case cover, especially because that sandworm silhouette is already a bit...fecal...


Moving on, I thought maybe I'd go for a perennial fave, The Great Gatsby!!

It would match my Gatsby-inspired burlesque number!

F Scott failed to mention Daisy Buchanan's rampant nudity and love of beaded fringe.
But that still doesn't really allow me to express my inner nerd.  Then, I found it:
Blue Box Cases via Geeky Merch

Finally!  Something that says I love vampires but also classic literature!

To round out my classic literature nergasm, I found these:
Oil Fragrance "Elizabeth Bennet" | Basil, Anise, Lemon and Mandarin Oil Perfume |10 ml | Alcohol Free, Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly


The Austen-inspired ones are tempting, but I actually think Heathcliff would smell the best:

Ravenscourt Apothecary via Geeky Merch

Brooding upon the moors encouraged but not required.

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