Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Art Crush: Fro Design Company

Do you long for a Westeros with a little more glitter and glamour?  Check these cabaret-style posters advertising some of A Song of Ice & Fire's oft discussed products.




I can't resist a GoT piece, and these were posted this week on several sites I frequent.  That led me to Fro, a.k.a. Fernando Reza, who has a fantastic collection of pop culture pieces.


These have been just some of my faves, so I highly recommend browsing his site.  Perhaps buy a piece.  I cannot imagine a classier way to express your little nerdy hearts than by filling your house with amazing art glorifying the things you love.

You know, on second thought, you should probably buy two pieces: one for you and one for me.  Thanks, loves!

[Fro Design Company via The Mary Sue]

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